Anyone who knows Dave & I knows our love for uniqueness and individual quirks…. I’m actually convinced that the main reason two people fall in love (romantically but also in friendships) is based mainly on these little quirks we all have, you know, those things we kind of detest/cringe about in ourselves but that truly make us us. Anyway, I’m convinced that it’s usually those things that people become attached to the most, and I just love when that comes out in wedding days. It always breaks my heart a little bit to hear of people having weddings that aren’t really them or that are super traditional when the couple actually isn’t very traditional at all… just for the sake of it… so the day that Zoe & Steven planned to celebrate their marriage was anything but that, it was exactly them, the kind of day that suited them just right.

They chose maybe one of the coolest/quirkiest venues in the city and instead of a sit down dinner, everyone mingled and enjoyed cocktails and food while listening to the most heartfelt/hilarious toasts, good music and it all ended with a great dance party into the night. They created a day they couldn’t wait to be a part of, and for that reason Dave and I were so in our element and it felt like hanging out with a great group of people all day long who were just enjoying what was happening to the fullest. Zoe & Steven, seriously you guys have a great group of friends/family, they made us feel so welcome all day long. And what — one of Steven’s groomsmen was a good buddy of ours back in our university days, you can see him tearing up the dance floor with his moves towards the end of the post :) haha, love how small and random this world is.

These two and the way they approach life and their relationship together make me smile, they keep each other laughing and are just so down to earth, so enough of my rambling, here’s a little bit of what we saw on the day they sealed the deal. And a song. Lots of love to you two & thanks for having us there. xo, jenn

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This wedding took place at the lovely Berkeley Church Fieldhouse | Toronto, September 2012

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