I love that we got to meet up and do some photos with these guys a few weeks ago — it was only the perfect time of year for it! Kathryn & Dean are a great, cute, teasing, and really funny pair, and they live in our neighbourhood too so we met up at our local park early one morning for a walk around, trying our best to stay warm and dodge the threats of rain — which we did, mostly. So, there was naturally a little bit of snuggling/hugging/hand warming up going on (by both them and Dave and I actually, haha) which I of course just loved.

No matter what, we always want to feel like we’re capturing people as they really are… we want the memory when they look back on the photos to be one that is familiar to just how they are every day together, and I always hope that’s the case. I feel like this is a little piece of Kathryn & Dean. After hanging out again with you guys, Dave and I are ridiculously excited for your next spring wedding, I know it’ll be here before we know it! All the leaves around here are pretty much gone now, but enjoy these few frames of Kathryn and Dean and fall at its best. xo, jenn

Toronto, October 2012

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