Ahhh Becky & Phil… this wedding was a really special one to document. A very small group of only their closest family and friends joined these two in the little tourist town of Picton for the weekend and watched them get married in the little white chapel that’s there just outside of town. Their friends helped direct everyone as they parked along the narrow road, and Becky grabbed hold of everyone’s hand as she and Phil slowly made their way out of the church as a married couple.. it was just really special.. to think that as they looked out to see everyone’s faces in the pews, that every single person who was there meant so much to them… and you could tell. We tried to tell that story the best way we could, here is a little piece of that story as we saw it :) Becky and Phil, so much love to you both. xo, jenn

The Winery at Huff Estates | Picton, September 2012

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