the faroe islands / a film

my dad was the photographer in our family, our albums are full of his shots… when handheld camcorders became the thing he was right on board, filming little snippets here and there of our life. as a teenager i can assure you i hated this & ducked away from the camera at every opportunity, but then i started asking my dad to borrow the camera and my brother and i would create homemade films in the backyard. i think i even wrote in my junior high school yearbook that i wanted to be a movie director when i grew up.

when i thought about becoming a mum, one of my biggest fears was that i would throw myself so fully into my new role (as i’m wont to do) that i’d lose part of myself in the process… i didn’t want to wake up one morning and find that i’d stopped following my passions or the other things i was interested in, the things that made me me.

a few days before giving birth to our daughter we had a meeting with a couple who’s wedding we’ll photograph next year. they are both in creative fields, and they shared with us a film they’d made on a trip together & it sparked something in me…

almost exactly one year ago today dave and i took a trip to the faroe islands, with a stopover in copenhagen on the way. we’d made a little film of our few days in copenhagen, but then life happened, we got busy and all the footage from the rest of the trip just kinda sat around. well, i dug it up again & put this together…

it’s funny how you inadvertently follow in your parents’ footsteps… i really enjoy filming, capturing things in a different way than in photos — it’s like flexing a different creative muscle, doing something that i have no expectations for how it will turn out and just playing around with it… i think we all need something like that.

one day i’ll get to the hundreds of photos we took in the faroe islands, but for now :



from our trip to the faroe islands, may 2015, all shot on the iphone 5s.

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