we’re just about halfway through the 2017 wedding season, editing photos with huge smiles on our faces.

we’ve walked through an empty trinity bellwoods park in the drizzling rain.

we’ve walked through a packed trinity bellwoods park in the bright sunshine.

we’ve cried into our cameras through speeches; we’ve driven through a hail storm; we’ve given out 654 bear hugs.

we’ve cuddled three cats and one dog.

we’ve eaten BBQ comfort food with ice cream for dessert, a delicious fully vegan & gluten-free meal, and the most amazing cauliflower ‘wings’ that dave still thinks about on a daily basis.

we’ve held on for dear life in the back of a military truck; we’ve danced on rooftops and walked through osprey reserves.

we’re loving the season so far and it’s only half over. here’s a bit of what it’s looked like so far.

welcome to our journal.

we're jenn & dave :

soulmates, artists, travelers, people who love to smile, & people who love to document the stories around them.

we're photographers based in toronto, canada. we've been documenting weddings together since 2010, close to home and often further afield. with our cameras around our necks we've made our way to greece & the faroe islands; to weddings at summer camps, backyards, and cozy city restaurants; across southern ontario capturing the little & true things that we hope will help people remember this beautiful life.

we are taking wedding commissions for 2019 - please be in touch with us soon using the contact button in the menu!

we share our most recent work & thoughts here; we hope you enjoy browsing around. thanks for being here.