elizabeth & christopher, and their wedding day at propeller coffee

chris & elizabeth’s day felt like a really cool party with a sweet and simple wedding ceremony that somehow just sneaked it’s way into the evening.

breathless was how i arrived to the subway with elizabeth’s side, after slipping & sliding along the benches of open-air military truck ride to the subway. dave walked the short distance from their condo to propeller coffee with chris’ side, the venue chosen after searching for somewhere that felt right and realizing their local coffee shop would actually be perfect. they included a close friend to help officiate their ceremony and spent the evening floating from friend to friend, eating amazing food and laughing/crying at the toasts given throughout the night. there wasn’t a forced or contrived moment all day.

our goal with every celebration we’re invited to document is to capture the way it felt. so we hope you feel the warmth of embraces, the energy of the people who brought life to this day, and that sense ease that comes with chatting away a perfect summer day into the cool night with those who feel like family.


venue: propeller coffee


& with special thanks to citizen catering (one of the best meals we’ve ever had), elizabeth’s sister’s kickass potted wall of glory, and elizabeth & chris’ faultless playlist that kept everyone smiling all night long.


we loved photographing at propeller coffee — if you’re interested in checking out a wedding at one of our other favourite toronto spots, jump over to : mitch & sylvia’s wedding at the gladstone hotel

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