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no map, no wifi / florida coast travel photography

march 23, 2014 / st andrew’s state park, florida / places you find with no map have a way of being the very best places. i don’t know if it’s because you go into with no expectation, that you greet it with an ‘oh, what’s this? let’s turn here’, or if it’s that sense of feeling like you’re discovering it on your own — no one told you that you had to go there. no map, no wifi, and a few hours, it’s all you need. it was us, the paddleboarders, the fishermen, & the light rain.



the philippines, from our iphones : a preview

documentary social enterprise company photographers storytelling

last week had us on the other side of the globe, thirteen time zones away from home.

we spent the week in the philippines (cebu + manila!) documenting the work of a start-up company who are working with photographers and also looking to make a difference in the lives and communities of those in the philippines and hoping to start to change what it looks like when nations work together to provide meaningful employment, create opportunity, and give people ways to flourish. i’m sat here back home and really still can’t believe we got to go!

a lot of firsts for me : first time in asia. first time on an airplane (middle seat) for 13 + hours. first time getting to help a company think about what their story is and how to share it with the world. there were times i felt incapable and out of my depth…. but also times when i was amazed at what was happening around me. the people that i met were so incredibly kind, welcoming, giving and open. always smiling, and a blast to sing karaoke with. :)

// the images above are some we shared via instagram while we were away… it’s been a while since we’ve been posting to instagram regulary, but that is for another post! if you’d like to follow along with our day to day adventures via instagram, we are @jenniferstark & @davejstark! //

  • mum - I am so proud of you two – you have so many adventures and you are part of THE CHANGE that the world should aspire to.ReplyCancel

  • Emma - What an amazing opportunity! I’d love to visit the Philippines one day. Love your photos!ReplyCancel

  • Nathaniel - These are so cool you two! As if you got to do this! Unbelievable.ReplyCancel

adventures through iceland

this is the part where i tell you that iceland stole our hearts.

this is the part where i ask you to please excuse the shameless tagging i will insert into this post, things like ‘iceland wedding photographer’ and ‘iceland wedding photography’, and the part where i hope our complete adoration for this country, its landscapes and people, will shine through. people who have been, know. they know what our friend mike conveyed to me the other day, about previously having a strict rule about using every opportunity to travel to visit a completely new place. iceland is the place you break that rule for. over and over again.

dave and i are going to be crossing our fingers and hoping for an opportunity to bring us back to this magical place. to capture its landscapes as the background to the story of a two people who are equally in love with the place as we are would simply be incredible. if you are somehow reading this post because you are looking for a wedding photographer to tell the story of your wedding in iceland and what we do resonates with you, please send us an email. we would be over the moon.

the video you see below started mostly as a result of a simple gesture : me, standing at 5’2, saying that i will gladly take one for the team and sit in the middle seat.

come see what we saw. come take a ride with us through iceland.

song / ‘i’ll drown’ by sóley, a lovely icelandic artist who we saw perform there and became the soundtrack to the days. check her out.

  • Lisa - Wow! This is amazing. You have made me long for another trip to Iceland. I love the way you guys see the world…beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • anda - i could watch this all day long. and seeing you, jenn, with your hair whipping around your face and that smile 100% aglow, made me miss you on a deep heart level i cannot explain. also, the music is perfect. who is it?ReplyCancel

  • Taylor - Jenn and Dave. I first of all can’t get the song out of my head, second I think Iceland just jumped to the top of my must go to list. <3ReplyCancel

  • Amie - A magical video that made my day!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - Simply spectacular!ReplyCancel

finding the edges at herring cove, cape cod

we act as though comfort + luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about / charles kingsley

i don’t know why but i am drawn to the edges. dave + i were down in boston to visit my brother and take some photos of some friends earlier in the fall, and one day we decided we would drive straight out and around to the very end of cape cod. i’ve never seen anything like the moss that grows out of the sand and the dunes colourfully dotted for miles and miles. there’s just something appealing about making out to the very end of land. so we drove through the rain. we acted half our age. walked and walked until it got dark. ran through the dunes. got sand in our shoes. and as we were shaking them out by the car, a coyote-wolf ran right in front of us. it was a wild and strange and beautiful place.

and it was all we needed, it was actually more than we could have asked for. whenever i get out to the edges i find this is usually the case. :)

cape cod / october 2013


jenny + mike in iceland

i thought i’d creep out the iceland photos slowly, bit by bit. because when you take over 8000 photos in the span of one week, you’ve got to start somewhere.

a little back story : at the end of october we had the incredible opportunity to take a trip to iceland with good friends of ours from toronto (more about them here). little did we know, our friends jenny + mike were planning their own trip there around the same time from their home in seattle. emails flew back and forth when we realized our trips would overlap and plans were soon made for the six of us to rent a car and drive for a few days as far east as we could get across that vast beautiful country.

these are some photos from our cameras of jenny + mike from our days together hiking valleys, looking out over cliffs, and standing beside lakes full of glaciers. we’d met jenny at a photographer workshop earlier in the year and got to spend a lot of time with her there.. never in a million years did i think we’d be reuniting in iceland of all places, getting to meet mike as he drove our suv, and getting to share in laughs, stories, and adventures we’ll never forget. i look at these photos and just want to teleport over to seattle to hug these two in person.

instead, i’ll let all you who have found your way here teleport to a few weeks back as we made our way across iceland.

dyrhólaey, vik, jokulsarlon… and other places in between where we left our hearts in iceland / october 2013

  • jenny - Thank you for capturing these, sweet Jenn. It means the world to us.ReplyCancel

  • dorothy - i love these two. these are beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Athena - I love these so much and cannot wait to see more images of your time in Iceland. I’m planning a trip (in my head) as we speak and humming Bjork melodies. See you soon darling friends!!! XoReplyCancel

  • Nate - Yes!! These are great. Miss you all.ReplyCancel

  • Mike - I keep coming back to look at these. I love them. Jenny and I kind of have a rule about seeing as much of the world as possible, but I think we may do Iceland twice. Or maybe more. A lot more. It was amazing, and it felt like home. So glad we got to go exploring with you guys in a place where our hearts were at peace.ReplyCancel

  • amanda howard - oh my gracious. incredible images. beautiful people. i love everyone involved.ReplyCancel