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annie & randy, and cherishing your story


a question i found in my brain these past few days as i thought about the people & the wedding day i wanted to share next with you was : why do i care so much about sharing stories?

because i am starry eyed, and a dreamer. because i think the world & living life well is about the stories we tell each other, the stories we tell ourselves when we’re alone and when we feel alone. i think that by sharing these stories in my little slice of the world stage which is this little humble blog on the vast & endless internet, i think that maybe it will help to spread a good story. i think that by being brought into contact with seemingly ordinary, wholly regular but actually magnificent people and sharing their truth-filled stories, it will help. it will bring to light good things. it will encourage someone that they are not alone, that they do not need to be made to feel that they aren’t measuring up. it’s a silly hope, sure. but as i said, i am starry eyed ;)

so what you see below was none of our doing. we tell couples before the wedding day comes that we want the time when we’re taking photos of just the two of them to ultimately be a time for them, where they can reconnect with each other, start to remember their day, and just spend some meaningful time together…  annie & randy totally agreed….

i think it’s safe to say that the notion of ‘keeping up with the jones’ is alive and well when you look around the wedding industry. i’m not saying your wedding shouldn’t be beautiful — it’s the comparison thing, that feeling that you’ve got to pretend & try to keep up with what is deemed trendy or beautiful or the way things are done. i’ve got a deep respect for annie & randy. they got married at the church across from their old high school in the suburb where they grew up. and after the ceremony, we took some time wandering the hallways of their old high school, which is the place where they met & started dating (and won the best couple award in their yearbook if i’m remembering correctly!). randy led us through the hallways into the drafting room (the site of their first class together) where he had a surprise ‘assignment’ written on the board for them. they sat across from each other & drew portraits of one another, marked with their wedding date. randy also had a locker ready for annie to open, and inside had the first picture they have as a couple, the bus transfer from their first date, and scrapbooks they had made together as teens of their first couple of years together that they thumbed through & laughed as they remembered. taking time to intentionally remember their roots & revisit the places where it all began and that make up such important parts of their memories & their story… it was really special & meaningful & yes, i was misty eyed!

and that’s why we love sharing stories, and why we’re excited to share a bit of this one with you today, through these words and the following images. be glad of your roots, of your story. it is yours & it brought you this far. ahhh we just loved this day. thank you, annie & randy, for opening my eyes more to this & seeing such incredible beauty in the simple things.


…and if you’d like to see more, you can watch the video below :

song : olsen olsen by sigur ros / see more of our recent weddings here :


this is a story of two dear souls, amy and steve,

jess & alex married on the lake

what we find in a soul mate is not something wild to

U of T Wedding: Bride and Groom photos

kathryn & dean get married

but there comes a time to see what it looks like from


this is the story of sarah & brad’s winter wedding

toronto wedding leaving church lady of sorrows

spending a calm morning getting ready at home : sarah at the lovely home they’ve made together, brad at his family home where he grew up. a surprise telegram. a video sent from family far away. a hand-crocheted bride & groom. married at the church where she grew up. surrounded by a million candles, a library of books, & dear ones as they ate the wedding meal, toasted, and danced the night away. heart-shaped glasses & shamrock-shaped glasses, both to commemorate a day filled with love, luck, and irish blessings.

this is the story of sarah & brad’s winter wedding — it was such a delight to have been there with them, surrounded by lots of laughter and one heck of a party! x


song : the distance between us by message to bears / see more recent weddings here :

this is how rachel & andy spent their 4780th day together..

a rainy morning. our first introduction to the

this is the story of arianne + rom, married on a rainy fall day

i can see the smile on her face through her email the

laura + fraser get married

at laura + fraser’s wedding, laura’s

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tiffany + james’ wedding day

ahhhh a little bit of summery sun to remember as we share the story of tiffany and james’ wedding day many months ago now….. which i know i am enjoying as we sit here with snow and below freezing temperatures outside our window. they found us through a friend, we bonded over a shared love for photography and iceland (of course we did), and we got to share in their special day as they committed to each other. this day was such a family celebration. i’ll never forget tiffany referring to her two dads who would walk her down the aisle together… we just loved seeing everyone coming together for these two.

during the ceremony, as tiffany and james read their handwritten vows to one another, they ended with this : ‘let’s grow really really old together’.

amen. a taste of this mile marker on their long journey to grey hair and the deep laugh lines they’ll have given each other :

cambridge, ontario / july 2013


this is the story of arianne + rom, married on a rainy fall day

i can see the smile on her face through her email the day before their wedding, even as she tells me it looks like it’s going to rain all day long. and it does. the rain barely lets up. still, her and rom are believers in the same kinds of things dave and i hold to be true. and one of those things is that if everything goes to plan, you’ll have less to help you remember as the years go by and even this biggest of days starts to fade in your memory. they’re believers that for a good story, a few things have to happen that surprise you; a few things have to happen that don’t follow the plan or the expectations.
we parked our cars on the streets behind the church where they would be married and propped open umbrellas. as the four of us walked, arianne told me that it rained on their first date. rom smiles at the memory as she describes the two of them walking through the rain those many years ago. they like the rain… it reminds them of home.

here’s just a small taste of the raindrops that fell earlier this fall, the cozy dinner at a brewery in toronto under strings of lights, and dancing to the live band as the night came to a close. arianne and rom, a million thanks for having us.

toronto, canada / october 2013 / special thanks to willow rose events + the st royals band for being so lovely and rocking it out.

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this is how rachel & andy spent their 4780th day together..

a rainy morning. our first introduction to the tradition of ‘door games’. a beautiful red dress and an emotional and meaningful tea ceremony (my new favourite thing). a wedding ceremony. tears. bubbles. the skies clearing. uncles and brothers singing heartfelt songs. a jar full of origami stars. just some of the things that filled this day to the brim.

when rachel first emailed she told us that her and andy usually had over twenty different types of tea in their house at all times (we can relate to this, ha ha. and, we spent many hours editing their photos with cups of steaming irish breakfast tea at our sides, which they gave as favours). rachel is irish and spent several years studying overseas in dublin, where she fell in love with trinity college, the place where forty years ago her parents had gotten married. this magical place in the city of toronto is one of our favourites, and combined with the rain it felt as close as we could get to actually being in ireland. there are so many little stories that make up this day, so i’ll let you take a peek at the little video we made of rachel + andy’s day, and some images to follow. thanks for having us there you two.

september 2013 / hart house, toronto

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