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it’s a magical place, but its wooden cabin frames, gravel paths & towering trees are nothing without the common sounds of laughter & footfall to fill them. this is the story of the weekend when, before camp opened its doors to its usual flood of summer campers, the pathways were filled instead with big kids, many of whom were returning to camp for the first time in years. i’ll never forget arriving at camp the night before, meeting people for the first time & seeing the wonderment in their eyes over returning to this place they loved as kids. returning for the wedding of tamara & bram.

they met at camp when they were teenagers. he led canoe trips with three other guys, all of whom were there at the wedding. one of the first pictures they have together is sitting on the grass in the sun at camp timberlane. when they first emailed, having seen photos of ours from previous camp weddings, we felt a connection with them & much of our time with them since has been filled with an ease, laughter, and warmth. the weekend was a perfect reflection of that energy they bring.

a few hours north of the city, there were campfires every night, a lot of dancing, sleeping in cabins, and a beautiful mixing of excitement with a calm & peacefulness.

also, keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife… !

watch the stop motion video of the wedding weekend below, and images to follow. b & t, mazel tov. we loved being there. x



and i urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘if this isn’t nice, i don’t know what is / kurt vonnegut


remi grew up in the north, emma in toronto but attending a camp every summer on the shores of a lake called sparrow lake… years later, on that very same lake north of the city, her & remi were married.

there was bunting in every colour, & pompoms made by hand dotting the trees as they said their vows.

the smell of pines & the sounds of the water lapping the rocky shore. the birds flying overhead & an old lodge in the woods that reminds one of years past.

in her dad’s speech, under the big white tent they’d set up in the field at delmonte in the pines resort in muskoka, he described how leading up to the wedding, they all thought that maybe a wedding at the church down the road from their family home in the city would have been a great deal easier. fire codes & port-a-potty requirements aside, there was no place more fitting than a ceremony out beside the lake. there was no where else it could have been & it was the most perfect day.

a stop motion video of the day, & scroll through some images below. so much love for ya, e & r.

as for the wedding… i just want a fun day, with a few moments of ‘calm’ in & amongst the chaos of the day — & to be with emma. simple as that.


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ontario barn weddings

we’ll drive for miles maybe we’ll never turn off, we’ll find a cathedral city, you can be handsome, i’ll be pretty / camera obscura

we joined two of the kindest people you’ll ever meet & their families at the big red barn at fields on west lake as they stood together & said i do. the wind flew around us, the blackbirds sang, and the buds were coming in on the trees.

allison is a journalist, documentarian, & storyteller, who does things like getting stranded on navy ship off the coast of yemen for a story. matthew is in public relations, and in allison’s words, ‘nicest guy on the planet is probably the best way to describe matthew’ and it’s true. they live in alberta, and took a roadtrip to get to the wedding (roadtripoflove4ever2014 i believe was the official title). they are wonderful souls & i wish you all could just meet them because words won’t do justice. their wedding day was a combination of all things good & it was over too fast, as the best days always are.

every time I propose some crazy adventure (like having babies, selling all our belongings and travelling around the world for a year), he says: let’s do it / allison. i love this. our kind of people.

we hope you enjoy the story of their day. here’s a little stop-motion video of the day below, and see more photos after the jump!


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tracy & dave were married a few years ago out of country. last spring, with baby evie here and as cuuuute as can be, they decided they would renew their vows to each other in their hometown, surrounded by everyone they loved & many who weren’t able to be there the first time they said their vows.

we love vow renewals and we’ve been lucky enough to have shot a few now… as well as renewing our own on our five year wedding anniversary! we would love to shoot them more often — whether it’s a big party with everyone you love, or a smaller gathering i think they’re just so meaningful. i felt that way when we did ours… to look back & see how you’ve changed and grown together over the years, and to re-affirm out loud that, even though you wouldn’t have believed it, you love your partner more now than you thought was humanly possible back on your wedding day. and a party on a rooftop overlooking the city as the weather warms up, well it really can’t get much better than that.