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the ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are & not be questioned / maya angelou


we get to travel quite often for weddings, which is something we always love so much. there is something about seeing a place with the eyes of a newcomer and being able to capture the beauty you see that someone who’s been there their whole life might miss or just have gotten used to. well, for anna & dan’s wedding the tables were completely reversed. just as much as we love traveling, we are also big fans of ‘buying local’ in our everyday life, and it couldn’t have gotten more local than this one.

we love our little neighbourhood where we live… so when anna & daniel were first in touch about their wedding we couldn’t believe they literally live a short walk away & loved the junction just as much as we did. on the day of the wedding they both got ready at home with their cats & then we all headed over to the big park just across the street for some photos & quiet time amongst the flowers before things got underway… their ceremony & dinner was held at what is seriously our top favourite place to go for a drink & hang out… we are there quite often actually… they brew their own selection of beers & have the best staff & their food is seriously among the best. the celebration was lovely, cozy, fun, & just right.

honestly it was so strange but nice to wake up in our neighbourhood, and to capture a piece of it for a couple who calls it home too… to take photos in both our favourite spots & theirs, that are a part of our every day, but for a wedding… & i love that anna & daniel wanted just that, to have little bits of things they already love to be a part of the day, like their two cats shiloh & arlie, the park where they go on walks, the brewery where they hang out, even riding in their beloved little car miffy was a part of it… it was all just right & our immense joy to document. a peek into their indie alehouse wedding, through a stop-motion video, & images to follow.


  • Taylor - Jenn and Dave this is a gorgeous wedding, I can see how you are at home in the woods and completely at home in your own neighbourhood. It comes through in your work xxReplyCancel


she grew up amongst these wheat fields & played among the old stone buildings. the long dirt driveway shaded by trees lead to her blue house. on a cool and stormy august day with thunder rumbling in the distance, she married evan in the backyard of the house where she grew up.

their marriage was tied together in the foundations of the old stone barn behind the house. they power-washed the floors with her dad. her mum’s garden looked wonderful. their childhood friends helped put together picnic tables & arrange flowers into bouquets, hay bales into rows.

their new adventure together is a new city, calgary (hence the cowboy hats!). not too long ago, they moved away from this area where they’d both grown up to calgary, for morgan to follow her dream job, and for evan to find his. on their wedding day she tells the story with a few tears about the two of them leaving home, alone in a new place, but together. coming back was not only a wedding for them, but a homecoming. there was truly no place more fitting to celebrate this down-to-earth & heartfult day in their story & we are so glad we got to experience it! & to now share it with you below!

watch the stop motion video of the day below, & images to follow. a million thanks to you m+e, and all your lovely family & friends who welcomed us in.


  • jenny l. - wow, guys. that was so lovely. i bet this couple is so stoked about that video. :)ReplyCancel

  • Michael - Wow, unbelievable wedding! And you two did it real, real good.ReplyCancel


you walk into their home and black & white photographs fill their walls. i mention this to brittany later, after the wedding as i’m going through the images from the day. i’m so sad i didn’t get to see your cute little house in person! i say, as dave & the guys got ready there, and the girls at brittany’s parents’ house. she laughs over the wall of photos that is partially bare, and tells me that they’re waiting to be filled with wedding photos. one in particular has caught  my eye though — it’s blurry and you can barely make it out but it is a photo of brittany & lj as teenagers. the photo is taken from the cart in front of them on a ferris wheel, the lights streaking a little with the motion. i think it’s awesome that they have that — looking at it, it’s not so much the content of the photo but the feeling it evokes.

brittany & lj’s wedding day was filled with little hints of nostalgia & reminders of the many years they’ve already spent together, in this same small town where they grew up. after their park ceremony under the picnic pavilion we even made a pit stop around the corner where brittany worked as a teen and where their relationship started (& had a cool treat!). it was a joy to be a part of this sweet hometown celebration, and to be welcomed into the midland family as though we had grown up there too.

b & lj, thank you. here’s to a lifetime of memories together to fill those walls. x


  • Leah - You’ve captured this day so beautifully. So lucky we were there to celebrate with them.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Johnson - So many familiar faces and places…You did an amazing job photographing a beautiful wedding Jenn and Dave :)ReplyCancel


it’s a magical place, but its wooden cabin frames, gravel paths & towering trees are nothing without the common sounds of laughter & footfall to fill them. this is the story of the weekend when, before camp opened its doors to its usual flood of summer campers, the pathways were filled instead with big kids, many of whom were returning to camp for the first time in years. i’ll never forget arriving at camp the night before, meeting people for the first time & seeing the wonderment in their eyes over returning to this place they loved as kids. returning for the wedding of tamara & bram.

they met at camp when they were teenagers. he led canoe trips with three other guys, all of whom were there at the wedding. one of the first pictures they have together is sitting on the grass in the sun at camp timberlane. when they first emailed, having seen photos of ours from previous camp weddings, we felt a connection with them & much of our time with them since has been filled with an ease, laughter, and warmth. the weekend was a perfect reflection of that energy they bring.

a few hours north of the city, there were campfires every night, a lot of dancing, sleeping in cabins, and a beautiful mixing of excitement with a calm & peacefulness.

also, keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife… !

watch the stop motion video of the wedding weekend below, and images to follow. b & t, mazel tov. we loved being there. x