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there are a handful of cities in the world where the minute i stepped into them, i knew i could live there. sf became one of them in the first thirty seconds. also, our first night in san francisco we had driven all day and were tired so we ordered indian food and i found […]


  • athena - Bob Ross! Yes!! I want to go paint some Happy Trees now! (and I love these images of you. especially the selfie that dave took of the two of you together. xo)ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Hi – I came across this post after being directed to another from Beata English (the one about stepping back from social media chaos) :) Clicked through to this one as I lived in SF for almost 5 years… You’ve captured the spirit of the city in your beautiful images and I am now missing it all over again. Like you, when I landed in the city, I knew straight away it was somewhere I could live. Thanks for sharing…
    - KimReplyCancel

I was challenged the other week to ‘find joy where you are‘. I have the quote hanging up in my office now. You guys… I didn’t realize how this phrase would totally convict me. Because sometimes, honestly.. I’m in kind of a perpetual state of wanderlust. :)  I just want to pack up my bags […]


  • Taylor - Yes and Yes. I am soo excited to head west this weekend and this got me so much more pumped.ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Nicole - hooked from the first picture. these are so lovely. everytime you write or shoot, it makes me want to travel and live fully. and now, I’m itching to visit this place. :)ReplyCancel

  • athena - The frame of you, Jenn, in front of the ocean took my breath away. Literally. I audibly gasped. The manner and amount with which you love each other is present in every single image you shoot of one another and your portraits of the other are some of my most favorite – oops, I mean favourite – pieces of your work.

    The shot driving into Cannon Beach is remarkable. And the waves. Love this post – and I love your thoughts on joy. xxReplyCancel

  • sharon johnston - just beautiful :) Ty and I are hoping to head down that way come September..would love to hear all your fav spots!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Z - All this nature is so gorgeous, pretty much everything I miss about living on the west coast!ReplyCancel

  • Chris Creed - These are ridiculous. That is all.ReplyCancel

people will try something new with you, if you have the courage to ask. can you come and spend a day with us and trevor, our friend abbey asks us one day. yes we will, we reply. what will that look like, she responds. we don’t know, we answer. i don’t know either, she agrees. […]


  • Laura Marcus - No words will ever “thank you” for what you captured here of our family … every night before I go to bed, or if I’m having a bad day, I watch that video and it makes me realize and appreciate what my life is all about! You two are very special and very talented at what you do … thanks for sharing yourselves and your talent with us! You’ve given us memories that won’t fade away! xoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Athena - I love this so much. You two are the most amazing couple. Your gift is extraordinary. Keep sharing it. The world is far better because of it. Of you. And because of people like Abbey and Laura and Trevor. xoReplyCancel

  • Kelly - well done, my friends. so wonderfully well done.ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - This is so amazing. It truly shows the love of a family… My heart is full right now, beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Carol Johnson - I didn’t want this day to end!

    Remarkable people.
    Remarkable relationships.
    Remarkable family.

    Thanks for spending your day with this special young man and noting the love that surrounds him EVERYDAY!

    Laura’s Friend,

  • anda - this is making me cry. love that you did this for them.ReplyCancel

This is Abbey and her pup McCoy. She met us as we pulled into her hometown of Grand Haven on Lake Michigan where we were going to spend a few days with her and her family. Abbey is a super photographer (I am seriously always blown away by what she is doing) who we met […]


  • Hannah Nicole - Um, LOOOOVE. these are great. Abbey is pretty much the coolest.ReplyCancel

  • amanda vanvels - abbey and her pup :) this is so her. love these! and her.ReplyCancel

  • Abbey - You guys. I had no idea this was going to exist and I am so happy it does. What an awesome treat. This is SO me. All the way down to my black spandex outfit (which I so wish I had put something more respectable on haha but I DO wear it all the time). Thank you for making a little slice of my life for me. I can’t thank you enough!!!!! XoxoxoReplyCancel