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This is Abbey and her pup McCoy. She met us as we pulled into her hometown of Grand Haven on Lake Michigan where we were going to spend a few days with her and her family. Abbey is a super photographer (I am seriously always blown away by what she is doing) who we met […]


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  • Hannah Nicole - Um, LOOOOVE. these are great. Abbey is pretty much the coolest.ReplyCancel

  • amanda vanvels - abbey and her pup :) this is so her. love these! and her.ReplyCancel

  • Abbey - You guys. I had no idea this was going to exist and I am so happy it does. What an awesome treat. This is SO me. All the way down to my black spandex outfit (which I so wish I had put something more respectable on haha but I DO wear it all the time). Thank you for making a little slice of my life for me. I can’t thank you enough!!!!! XoxoxoReplyCancel


A couple of days to get out to Lake Michigan, passing through Detroit and Grand Rapids on the way. The transition to life out on the road, no constant internet access once we crossed the border, no sitting at a desk, and that abundance of time during the getting from one place to the next. […]


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  • jill - beautiful. i love all of this. and you two. thanks for making time to hang with with me… what an encouraging, delightful morning it was :)ReplyCancel


So… hello. This was our view a couple days ago… !! I can’t even begin to think of how to adequately describe the beauty we’ve seen in the past two weeks as we’ve traveled across the states. Incredible beauty in the places we’ve seen, of course, but seriously tenfold in the people we’ve met. Here […]


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  • jenn - ohhh so beautiful!!ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn Denelle Stevens - Hi you two! This all sounds so incredible!! Where are you right now? I still wish I could see you on this trip…if you are contemplating taking I-90 through Washington…let me know! I’ll find you!!!! Be safe!ReplyCancel

  • Dom&Nel - Greetings Jenn and Dave! Looks like you’re having an amazing time and seeing incredible sights. This Colorado landscape is breath taking and we can’t wait to see more!
    Let us know when you return- we want to hear all the stories! Soak in the sights and experiences. Take care:)ReplyCancel

  • Melissa McManus - LOVE!!! Keep blogging :)ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn - Gorgeous shot of the caribou(?) against the mountains!ReplyCancel


In just a few days, Dave & I are packing up our bags + cameras and heading out the door for most of the month of November! We’re traveling by car/train/plane on a round-about route from home in Toronto to Los Angeles. Near to a month of living out of our suitcase, exploring, photographing some […]


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  • Becky Slater - Phil and I are so excited for you both! Will definitely be watching for your updates along the way :)ReplyCancel

  • christina elston - sounds awesome.ReplyCancel

  • athena - goodness I hope I get to see you both! xoxoReplyCancel

  • abbey - YAHOOOO!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anita - amazing!!! can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re back!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Reeves - Enjoy every moment guys! Can’t wait to read about this adventure it sounds like so much fun! Safe travels – xo KellyReplyCancel

  • jenn - so adventurous, so exciting. and cant wait til the update posts!ReplyCancel


If you’ve been a reader here for a while or have moseyed over to our website, you might remember that Dave & I have been working towards this little idea/project we’ve had for a while now that we’ve called the Roads Less Traveled project….. and (nervously) we’ve been planning our first venture behind the scenes […]


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  • athena - You’re both so amazing and inspiring and wonderful. If the roads you travel bring you anywhere near Minneapolis, I’d absolutely love to share a meal with you – and perhaps offer you a place to crash (if three legged dogs and small children don’t scare you!). And I’d nominate you both for this project – if you weren’t the two people behind it. Because, from what little I do know of you, you are the embodiment of the path less traveled – outside the box – playing by your own rules.

    I hope to catch some of that, and I hope when I do it infects me.



  • anda - i love sept and oct so so much, but today i woke up wishing it were already nov so i could spend some time with you both. xo.ReplyCancel