this is how we do it.

part of the reason why we love this job so much is getting to know the people.

we are documentary style photographers — meaning that we don’t do a lot of posing or interrupting of what’s going on. we purposefully avoid becoming immersed in the latest trends in wedding photography so that we can approach each unique day with a clear mind & heart.

our aim is to catch the looks, emotions and genuine cheer that make up the day for everyone present. we want you to feel all that good stuff.

we will take the photos that will help you remember it.

– – –

you often hear of photographers being described as ‘fly-on-the-wall’ but actually, we hate that.

flies either creepily lurk on the outside, invisible, or they’re annoying pests you wish would go away.

flies can’t tell good stories.

we document with huge smiles on our faces all day, we’re a part of the crowd & getting to know you and what you love is what helps us get those photos that feel in the moment, and that will capture what’s most important to you.

lots of people are into the more posed look & that is great but it’s just never been us — on wedding days we will of course take a few more ‘posed’ group photos with your families but most of all we want to enable the people we work with to fully enjoy the day & the people who love them.

– – –

if this resonates with you, we hope you’ll be in touch.

pop us an email or use the contact form. we’d love to hear your story.

the things that are close to you are the things you can photograph the best -- sally mann