hello, we are jenn & dave.

it’s nice to meet you, albeit for now simply over this one-way looking glass called a website.

(we wish we could be sitting around a table drinking good drinks & sharing stories with you. instead, we will fill this space with words that will hopefully help you get to know us a bit better.)

- - -

we are husband & wife with a passion for looking for beauty and magic in the ordinary moments around us. and then showing other people that magic in the form of captured photographs — time capsules of little stories & truths that might otherwise be missed or forgotten.

we describe ourselves as documentary photographers, and by this we mean that we believe photos should capture the true emotion & the connections that mean something to us. we love photographing couples on their wedding days, families in their homes, this big beautiful world of ours, and many things in between. hands down the best thing about this job is the wonderful people we get to connect with, who welcome us into their circle as one of their own to photograph from a place of trust & honesty. often the telling of these stories has us leaving our city of toronto and that’s another thing we love about this job — when we get to find ourselves in new places (here’s our wish list of places we’re dreaming about!).

our story...

i was born in england while dave was born and raised in toronto. we'd always been fascinated with taking photos growing up, but it was only after transplanting ourselves back to my homeland of england shortly after getting married that the cameras made their way into our hands on a more permanent basis.

it was here that we had a few stunning experiences, like roaming the rugged hills north of madrid on a sunny february day, driving through mist covered devon dotted with long haired ponies out to the coast, and cold, with our breaths on the air in the deserts of egypt, under blankets and rugs and endless stars. it was here that our cameras became more permanent fixtures in trying to capture and remember the things, people and experiences happening around us.

and honestly, it was also in the loneliness and doubt that creeps in when you're miles from home in your bare apartment, between jobs, trying to make the next rent cheque — the camera makes a fine companion and photography a subject to lose yourself in. and we really did. we checked out so many photography books from the library that year. like, hundreds.

growing up, i was encouraged in my art, but i always had a sneaking suspicion that this was the territory of the ‘hobby’, the ‘pastime’, not possibly the thing that you could do as your work. we moved back to canada, i started a business 'on the side'.... and it amazes us that eight years on, we do get to do this as our work, and we get to do it together.

it also amazes us the amazing wonderful people we’ve met through photographing their stories. our deepest hope is that our photographs can help remind people of the good, that they can capture authentic memories and feelings, that they can be found twenty years from now and make people want to crawl back inside of them and relive their wondrous stories… that’s what the best photos feel like to us. we feel that our early travel experiences together still make their way into our photos today... we make a point not to imerse ourselves in all the wedding photos that are out there but instead just approach the day thinking about the people and what we can help them remember.

we are believers in choosing the path less taken, in wearing it all on our sleeves and that the best we can all do in this life is to follow that thing that lights a spark in our hearts.

we’re really thankful to be living this story.

- - -

if you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding, to make photos of your family, or are simply another fellow creative person —

we’d love to hear your story, and maybe get to those face-to-face drinks we were talking about earlier.

use our contact form, or send us an email.

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huge thanks to our friend jenny linquist for the photo of us above.