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  • we are husband & wife, and best friends living in toronto, canada.

    we are photographers who are interested in telling good & genuine stories through our images.

    we are lovers of the wide open road, adventure, honesty, & the beauty of the everyday. our suitcases are always packed. we earnestly seek in our work, travels & life, to find the roads less traveled by. we constantly find ourselves torn between nostalgia for moments we want to slip back into & an urge for the new and unexplored. we love photos that capture the feeling.

    we use photographs and stop-motion videos to document peoples’ stories -- wedding stories, the everyday lives of families, & travel adventures, here in southern ontario & beyond. we are drawn to moments full of emotion, bear hugs, joy & tears; we love wild, messy & real over perfect & polished any day of the week. we photograph because we know things are changing & evolving all the time. we photograph because the little things always end up being the big things. we photograph to help remember and to embrace this wild ride.

    we are so glad you found us!
    our portfolios below & a few stories to help you get started >>>
  • lovers of road trips. creators of playlists.

    campfire builders. optimists.

    together for 13 years, married for 9, photographing together for 5.

    read more about us & our approach to taking photos.

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