In just a few days, Dave & I are packing up our bags + cameras and heading out the door for most of the month of November! We’re traveling by car/train/plane on a round-about route from home in Toronto to Los Angeles. Near to a month of living out of our suitcase, exploring, photographing some incredible stories and people, and staying with generous families and friends along the way across the continent… what?!

We first had the idea for this trip — we called it the Roads Less Traveled project — many months ago, and you know it pretty much crept up on us and I can’t believe we’re getting ready to go already. We basically decided, 1) we love to travel, 2) we want to grow as photographers, artists, storytellers… so let’s find a way to really take the time to immerse ourselves in that, and 3) we really wanted to meet cool inspiring people and give them the small gift of having their story documented. This, I guess is the lovechild of all those ideas :) The last time we did a trip of this size was when we were living in Europe a few years ago and took the train from Paris through France and Italy to end up in Rome three weeks later….. we lugged around two backpacks on our backs, were so poor that we bought cookies from the grocery store to eat for ‘breakfast’, almost got our passports taken away from us at one point, watched fireworks over the Eiffel tower, and saw and did more than I ever thought possible. I wonder what this trip will bring, ha!

I’m so stupidly excited to hit the road :)

I’ve been bad on blogging lately because honestly there’s just been a lot going on as we get ready to leave and wrap up some work. But I wanted to say that I’ve been working on putting together some blog posts from some shoots/weddings that will post while we’re gone, and don’t you believe for one second that I’m not going to be writing + sharing while we’re on the road too (you bet I am!). For little daily real-time peeks at where we are/what we’re doing on our trip, you’d be best to follow along on our ROADS LESS TRAVELED TUMBLR (also linked in the sidebar) but I’ll be sure to jump on here too with some updates.

Where we’re going : Toronto –> Detroit –> Grand Rapids –> Grand Haven –> Chicago –> Madison –>

Viroqua –> Denver –> Fort Collins –> Portland –> San Francisco –> LA. 

So… this is happening! haha. Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us to get this off the ground so far and for the past few months, with not only your words/ideas/connections, but also with beds to sleep on, house-sitting while we’re away & even some $ so that we hopefully won’t have to resort to those cookie breakfasts again! ;)

Got any travel/roadtrip tips you’d like to share? Anything we should definitely make sure to stop and see/do along the way? Let us know + leave a comment below! xo, jenn

(edited to add — i literally hit publish on this post the moment the storm blew out our power for 24 hours. glad to say other than that and a bit of damage outside, our neighbourhood + city fared a lot better than most, and candles are pretty romantic anyway. sorry to those waiting on a reply or anything, still catching up. xo)

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