dave and i were invited to document this beautiful weekend up north in muskoka at the end of august. driving up north and the feeling of the city falling away as the sun sets, waking up to the smell of pine needles on the air is one of the best feelings there is.

we greeted our couple with warm hugs at brooklands farm on a bright sunny morning as they were getting everything set up with their families, and spent a fun, relaxed morning with them, jumping in and out as their friends arranged the beautiful florals around the grounds. so many of the details of the day were made by the couple, who are both designers and have such creative talent that they incorporated into the day.

guests piled off school buses and with cocktails in hand made their way to the shade of a few pine trees for the ceremony, which was lighthearted and full of fun and laughs. following drinks and lawn games in the sun, we all headed into the barn.  the night finished off with the two of them dancing under the millions of stars that show up on a clear summer night up north.

“when our daughter started seeing him, we paid attention; we knew this time was different,” said the bride’s mom that night at dinner. “because when she met him, our daughter started to paint again.” there’s always a moment from every wedding that sticks with me, and this was it.

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it’s been a second folks.

hello from the editing cave. they let us out on the weekends to photograph weddings, then back in we go, hah. jk.

a few months ago i popped on here with a little recap of the first half of our 2017 wedding season, so it’s only fitting that i open up the ‘create new post’ tab & round out the story with the remainder of our year in photographs. we’ve been packing up the car, loading our stuff onto the train, more times than i can count; up to muskoka a handful of times, to niagara-on-the-lake and even out to ottawa, a first for us. the days have been sunny, and rainy, and sunny again; always beautiful.

i remember after a particularly long drive, opening the door, it was dusk and it was quiet, and that smell of the woods flooded my senses. i breathed it in, standing there in a perfectly regular parking lot, and felt calm and grateful. after all the planning and waiting that our couples go through to host their weddings, i can only hope they feel this same thing when they finally escape the city and start living what they’ve been dreaming.

we’re still chugging along, getting photos back to the lovely people we’ve worked with this year. here’s a little glimpse of what we’ve been up to these past few months.


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chris & elizabeth’s day felt like a really cool party with a sweet and simple wedding ceremony that somehow just sneaked it’s way into the evening.

breathless was how i arrived to the subway with elizabeth’s side, after slipping & sliding along the benches of open-air military truck ride to the subway. dave walked the short distance from their condo to propeller coffee with chris’ side, the venue chosen after searching for somewhere that felt right and realizing their local coffee shop would actually be perfect. they included a close friend to help officiate their ceremony and spent the evening floating from friend to friend, eating amazing food and laughing/crying at the toasts given throughout the night. there wasn’t a forced or contrived moment all day.

our goal with every celebration we’re invited to document is to capture the way it felt. so we hope you feel the warmth of embraces, the energy of the people who brought life to this day, and that sense ease that comes with chatting away a perfect summer day into the cool night with those who feel like family.



we’ve walked through an empty trinity bellwoods park in the drizzling rain.

we’ve walked through a packed trinity bellwoods park in the bright sunshine.

we’ve cried into our cameras through speeches; we’ve driven through a hail storm; we’ve given out 654 bear hugs.

we’ve cuddled three cats and one dog.

we’ve eaten BBQ comfort food with ice cream for dessert, a delicious fully vegan & gluten-free meal, and the most amazing cauliflower ‘wings’ that dave still thinks about on a daily basis.

we’ve held on for dear life in the back of a military truck; we’ve danced on rooftops and walked through osprey reserves.

we’re loving the season so far and it’s only half over. here’s a bit of what it’s looked like so far.

lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 002lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 008lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 051lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 054lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 065lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 072lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 093lea steve bancroft cottage ontario outdoor wedding jenn dave stark photographers 102lea & steve were married last summer on the front lawn of lea’s mom’s property, surrounded by the rolling hills of the farm, tall trees, friends and family and across the road from the lake that is home for them. it was a beautiful weekend away from the city for dave & i, a far cry from toronto as we found ourselves up north of bancroft under millions of stars. we felt at home too, welcomed into the fold of their lovely family and friends, and our spirits quieted as they always are when we are up north. when i think of this day i think of arriving at the property, taking in the lake with the family dog, getting a big hug from lea and noticing (and loving) the sign pointing the way for skinny dipping. everyone’s lips are sealed on that one.

enjoy a little bit of what we saw that beautiful summer day beside round lake.



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